Aroma Flexi

Open bottle holder for essential oils

Keep your essential oils in front of you 24/7. Hang it in your purse, backpack, or tote bag. Stick it on a wall, everywhere and anywhere you want to see your oils.

All the Sizes you Need


To Fit Bottle Size


To Fit Bottle Size


To Fit Bottle Size


To Fit Bottle Size

keep everything in place

Velcro strips are attached to the back of each holder. Just peel and stick it to any surface. The bottles stay upright at all times so that you can see and use your oils. Aroma Flexi adheres to anything with a permeate adhesive.

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Aroma Flexi Donates 2% of every sale to a worthy non-profit organization. Together we can make a world of difference in helping our brothers and sisters in need.

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